1462953_10100491090113995_4108104772261762208_n (1)Mount Moriah Christian School uses a combination curriculum which includes the A Beka Curriculum and Bob Jones, both nondenominational Christian curriculums, and Scott-Foresman.  A Beka and Bob Jones are accelerated curriculums which provide academic challenge.  Subject areas include math, reading, science/health, Bible, and social studies/history, and these subjects are taught by the classroom teachers.  Students in grades K-8 also receive instruction in art, music, science lab, and physical education outside of their regular classroom.

We participate in an annual standardized testing program to ensure that our students are meeting national standards of academics.  Our students typically score within or above grade level in all areas.

Each week a folder is sent home with weekly information as well as a monthly calendar, lunch forms, and student papers.  Monthly reports are sent home with all students to inform parents of their child’s progress in each subject area.  Parents are welcome to schedule phone conferences or meetings with the teacher at any time during year.

While we may not be a match for every student, we have in our school family children with learning difficulties.  We do our best to modify, adapt and structure our lessons to meet the needs of all children in our class.  We also offer help in math and speech from the Intermediate Unit.  Several classes have aides which permit one on one instruction when needed.