MMCS offers two preschool programs:

  1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday Session (9 AM -11:30 AM OR 12:45-2:15 PM).  This program is for 4 and 5 year old children.
  2. Tuesday/Thursday (9 AM-11:30 AM OR 12:45-2:15 PM).  This program is for potty-trained 3 year old children.

As part of the preschool curriculum, the following activities are done on a continuing basis:

Social interaction: Students will be encouraged to make choices concerning how they would like to play during playtime. Play givesthe children an excellent opportunity to develop language and social stills, aids in motor control and promotes sharing.

Name Recognition: When the children arrive in the morning, they will find their name and place it on our classroom tree. Other activities throughout the year will be done to reinforce this skill.

Listening Skills: The children will play games and do other activities that promote listening. It is important to listen to directions, while others are talking, and at story time.

Following Directions: Every day we work on following simple directions. It may be one or more requests such as, line up to wash your hands, close your glue etc. Also, when we do a project, we will ask them to use certain colors or follow the correct steps.

Small Motor Skills: Learning to hold a crayon and color neatly is necessary in order to learn to hold a pencil and write their name. Also good exercise are tracing, lacing, and using glue.

Self -Help Skills: This is the basis of good self esteem. When children are confident that they can take care of every day tasks, they feel better about themselves. We will also ask them to help clean up after playtime, snack, and when making crafts.

Pre-Kindergarten Skills: (M-W-F class only) – Throughout the school year we will work on many skills needed for kindergarten. Along with the skills previously mentioned are a review of colors and shapes, recognizing and printing numbers 1 -10, counting to 20,recognizing letters and their sounds, and printing their first names correctly.

Program Includes: Bible stories and Scripture memorization, Introduction to letters A-Z, numbers 1-20, colors and shapes, art, music, games, gross and fine motor skills development, Mid-session snack (provided by parents), thematic units, special programs and parties.

Class size: There will be no more than sixteen children in any class, a teacher / student ratio of 1:8