Getting here is easy! bus

Transportation is available for MMCS students residing in the following school districts: Albert Gallatin, Uniontown, Brownsville, Southeastern Greene, and Laurel Highlands.  In all the districts, our students ride a bus that is designated exclusively for MMCS students.

Parents are able to drop off their children to school anytime between 8:30 AM and 8:45 PM at the glass school doors behind the building.  Children are supervised in the all purpose room by a teacher on duty for that purpose.  Parents may also pick up their children at glass doors on the right side of the building (also known as the preschool entrance) at 3:15 PM.  It is requested that if the normal transportation is not being used that the parents call the school during the day to state their needs.  It is imperative that you speak with a staff member.  Please do not leave a message.  Pickup students and bus students load at different locations to keep congestion to a minimum.  Parents are given security cards that must be shown before a student is released from school.  This eliminates confusion at the pick up location.

Please note:  Transportation is not available for our preschool children.