Our Mission

prayersAt MMCS we strive to provide a Biblically-based program of academic, moral, and spiritual instruction while emphasizing high standards of excellence and challenging the students to achieve their individual potential.



Our Philosophy

a-stampThe teaching of academics is only one part of a child’s education.  Spiritual and moral values, proper attitudes, respect for authority and for  the rights and feelings of others are also very  important in the task of training children to become mature Christian leaders.  Education  that includes only the academics is inferior as it lacks the foundation for ongoing achievement.  The foundation for moral and spiritual teaching is the Word of God, the Bible.

God has given each child to his parents, who, in turn, are entrusting our school with a very vital part of his training.  We consider our share in the education of this child to be a sacred trust and will endeavor to instruct him as an individual.  Each child is a human being endowed with God-given abilities and unique personality.  We recognize that each student will respond differently to that which is presented; however, ALL of them will be exhorted to produce to their fullest potential.

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